ra_latexRecently I had a discussion with a fetish model about latex.  I told her how much I use to love it, but now find it boring.  She was not happy with me and threaten to punch me.  I always loved a grrl in latex.  Not only how it looked, but how it felt.  I also loved how a grrl behaves when wearing latex.  For what ever reason she gets sassy and confident.  I love sassy confident women!

I realized I have not shot a grrl in latex in a while and maybe thats my problem.  Maybe its the old out of sight/out of mind game.  I don’t know what it is, but I think things need to change real fast.

The sexy super star January Seraph posted a sexy photo of her wearing black latex on twitter and I have not stopped thinking about latex and January!!  I can’t get January or that image out of my mind.  This is good and bad for many reasons that I can’t explain.

ALL I know is I need to get back to latex and have some fun.  First up… Find a grrl that loves latex and wants to share.  Next up… Find a grrl wants to get creative with me.  Last up… Make some serious time and have some serious fun!  I really think I need this sooner than later.  Let the search begin!

P.S.  January… I’m ready when you are.  Hint Hint!!  ;-)

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