ra_driversThis goes out to all you LA drivers who really know how to make my mornings.  Did you know that your car comes with signals to alert your fellow drivers that you’re changing lanes?  Clearly, you didn’t know.  Because if you did, you would be using them BEFORE you change lanes – not during or after!  I don’t care if you’re doing 80 mph down the freeway and you have all the space in the world.  Everyone deserves to know you’re driving your speeding car into his or her lane.

To all those LA drivers who are elitist enough to avoid getting a car-friendly earpiece, I’m completely speechless.  Either you put your cell on speakerphone, pull over to the side of the road (with signaling!) to make a phone call, or I don’t know, maybe WAIT until you’re out of the car!  Is your text or phone-call really that important?  You actually think it’s okay to put everyone else on the road in danger because YOU can’t stop finger fucking your phone?

We all have places to go and people to see.  So turn on your fucking signal and put your phone away.  Im sure it’ll still be there when you arrive at your destination.

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