ra_driver2OK, I know I’ve bitched about this before and I’m here to do it again. I fucking hate those stupid ass idiot drivers who can NOT use their fucking turn signals!!!! Some advice for you idiots… WE (good drivers) do NOT know where the fuck you’re going. YOU might wanna let us know when you are turning left or right. Also lets us know when you are gonna change lanes!!! Especially on the freeway you dumb fuck! Try using your mirrors! Try using the turn signal that came with your car! Just let me and everyone know where you are going instead of letting us know you are a fucking idiot. Look around stupid, there are other drivers on the road.

LA is know for its crazy drivers and trust me there are way too many to count, but I really want these idiots who can’t/don’t/won’t use their turn signals to get off the fuck off the road!! You bought a car and I know it came with a turn signal, so use it or stay off the fucking road. One last thing… If I honk my horn at your sorry ass, don’t get mad at me cuz you fucking cut me off. I’m just letting you know I’m there and letting you know that you’re a fucking idiot. Have a nice day asshole!

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