0613JULILAND NEWS: Born and bred in sunny California, Audrey Bitoni is one of the very few Los Angeles natives in our Universe!  For that reason alone, she’s quite special.  Richard Avery, however, boasts that there is much more to Audrey than her background.  He explains, “People think they know Audrey, but all they’re really seeing is her persona on camera.  Little do they know she’s just like everyone else. No one knows her like I do, and I don’t think anyone will.”  If his passion for this girl is any indication, Audrey has reined as Juliland’s jGrrl for an astounding six times!  Needless to say, each reign was better than the last.

But her desire to improve doesn’t just end with Avery.  Audrey has been in the adult industry for more than half a decade and has over ten adult award nominations under her belt.  Despite her noteworthy career, Audrey has shared that her biggest achievement has been collaborating with Richard (even though they bicker like an old married couple)!  Arguments aside, Audrey currently holds the record for the most amount of content on Juliland.com.  No other grrl can say that!  In the words of Dick, “No one can touch her, she’s got something about her that’s contagious, and I love that about her.”  Judging by her memberships and fan mail, I think he’s not alone.