Considered the “Bad Girl” of Wicked Pictures, Alektra Blue simply oozes sexuality.  Her hair – brown and shiny, her eyes – electric blue, and her personality – one in a million.  When you take a closer look at Alektra’s work in full, it’s easy to understand why she’s so sought after and considered to be one of the baddest babes in the business.  She tells us, “ I suppose it’s my eyes or maybe just being the all around total package. You know what I’m saying, right?”

As a total package, Alektra is candid, honest, and funny, specifically when she describes her experiences within the adult industry.  She tells us, “I get very turned on by kissing, yet I also love dirty talk.  But that being said, I’d say that the best part about fucking are the orgasms, DUH!”  But what about her experiences within the Juliland Universe?  She describes her memories with Richard Avery as extremely comfortable, free, creative, and expressive.  “I love Juliland because its outside of the box from my daily photo shoots.  With Richard, everything comes together so perfectly. I LOVE DICK!”  Needless to say, Avery loves her too, especially when he claims that his favorite color is “Blue.”

Courtesy of JULILAND.COM