What is JulilandTV? It’s the future, it’s now, it’s entertaining and most of all it’s fun! Our goal this year is to create quality entertainment! It’s like PBS, only with more crotchless panties and just as many fund drives to my favorite charity. (Me!)

Starting with Snog&Shag you get to see what goes on behind the scenes. You’ll see all the fun we have making our content.  We follow it up with 7 Minutes in Heaven with Lexi Belle, featuring Lexi and her guests. She digs deep and does her best to get to the truth. NOT! It’s all about having fun and making out. In the months to come we have a reality show, educational show and more.

Our producers and creators are always working on ideas. Production is ongoing. We are going to make sure no matter what we do it’s of high quality and entertaining. If you see our name on it you will love it because we are awesome. JulilandTV will never let you down!