JULILAND NEWS: A year has gone by, and we’re none the wiser!  But with the passing of a year, we’ve inducted a new babe, the lovely Ash Hollywood,  into our coveted hall of fame.  As jGrrl of the Year, Ash tells us candidly that while she’s “hopelessly in love with Dick, he really loves himself too much” to love her back.  That being said, she still has put a spell on Richard Avery, so much so that keeps coming back to our Lair making messes like it’s her job.

Ash explains, “Essentially, Ash Hollywood is some dumb whore.  I’m still working toward star status, but I’ve been fucking my brains out for a little over two years.”  With a couple years in her back pocket, Ash Hollywood sees the adult industry as both a means to pay the bills and a way to discover what she likes and dislikes sexually.  After some time, she’s found that she “adores the curve of a woman’s body as well as the ‘v’ muscle on a mans stomach.  I love knowing someone not only wants me, but also NEEDS me to make them cum.”

On the topic of men, Ash feels that grooming is extremely important for any potential male suitor.  “I feel like I want to just say to guys, ‘Take care of yourself, you sloppy bitch!’”  The irony is that many men would die to have Ash call them anything, including a “bitch.”  With thousands upon thousands of fans, Ash Hollywood is continuing to make her mark in the business.  But unlike the other grrls she works with, Ash has a one in a million personality.  When we asked her, “Where is the craziest place you’ve ever fucked?”  Coyly smiling and batting her eyes, Ash whispers, “Your head.”