ra_bootyDo you love the booty?  How much do you love the booty?  Do you dig the grrls with big booty?  I won’t lie, I’ve never been a booty lover.  I’ve never been into the booty grrls.  And I know the best of the best!  I’ve seen the best booties in the world and I got photos to prove it to.  I’ve just never gotten into it… Until NOW!!  I think I finally met my match or should I say… I met my booty!  That booty belongs to the delicious Jada Stevens.  So fucking yummy!!!

Now that Jada “the booty queen” is in my Juliland Universe (Jada420.com)I have to say I’m getting use to her booty and loving it.  She is showing me how sexy and nice a great booty is.  Jada knows how to work her booty better than any grrl I have ever met.  I think she practices a lot and that practice is paying off.  I find myself being mesmerized by her booty when I’m shooting it.  I get lost in it and don’t wanna find my way back.

In conclusion… Jada has a sexy booty.  Jada has a great booty.  Jada knows how to work that booty.  I love Jada’s booty, but I don’t think I’m alone when I say that.  I think there are a lot of men out there who would agree with me and actually punch me for being so late in realizing this.  Thanks to Jada I’m loving me some booty!  Can NOT wait for our next play date.  Going to be bootylicious for sure.