Do you like Instagram?  Do you follow me on Istagram?  Do you like what I post?  I love Instagram, but I just wish they would let me post some of my favorite nude fotos!  They WARNED me not to post anything too sexy.  So I limit myself to the portraits and G-Rated images.  I hope its OK with you, but trust me if I could show more… I would.  The one thing I like about it, is the instant reaction.  I post a few at a time and watch.  Its fun.

We have 2300+ followers.  I’m ALWAYS looking for more, please tell your friends.  I do my best to show you a little bit of everything and all the different grrls.  I try to pull images that show you a taste of what Juliland is ALL about.  A bit of history as they say.  If you want to see more nasty, naked and crazy fun… JOIN or be a cheap bastard and look at our blog.  Yup!