Friends, grrls, talent, and even assistants often ask me where I find my inspiration.  That is a tough question, but an easy one all at the same time.  The simple answer is everywhere and anywhere.  The more complicated truth is this…

I look to movies, television, magazines, and more.  I love watching old movies and new movies.  I love my favorite shows like Misfits, Skins, Top The F Word, Gear, The Trip, and anything the BBC produces.  They make quality shows that are amazing to see.  I love looking at fashion magazines for techniques and style.  I look to all art for inspiration of all kinds.  Fortunately, the internet allows you to Google any crazy idea.

Of course, one of my biggest inspirations is the talent.  When I’m all alone with any one of my grrls and they get naked… Schwing!  The light goes on in my head and I wake right up!  I love when the grrl and I push each other to be our best.  I love when they look at what I want and add their own two cents to the mix.  Being with one of my grrls makes make happy, but creating with them is even better.  I have a saying: If you wanna have fun, let’s get together and have fun.  But, make art at the same time!  Inspiration is the key, but passion wraps up that key and holds it tight.