ra_muiscIf you haven’t noticed already, music is a very important aspect to all those involved in the Juliland Universe (Troy Michael in particular).  Personally, music holds a very special space in my heart right next to photography and grrls.  I grew up on all kinds of music, even saw some of the greats perform live in concert.  Today, however, I think there is very little music that I can call extraordinary.  But a handful of current musicians have really pushed and created some amazing music.  Truth be told, the amount of music out there makes it almost impossible to fully listen to its grand spectrum.  For all I know, there is something great going on and I have no idea.

I remember when I was a kid listening to the radio and looking forward to hearing my favorite songs.  Some of my favorite artists include Earth, Wind & Fire, Sammy Davis Jr., The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Underworld, Genesis, Mudhoney, Die Antwoord, Con Funk Shun, George Michael, Elvis Costello, Frank Sinatra, INXS, The Afghan Whigs and so on.  I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you.

These days, I have 10k songs on a computer and can hear anything at anytime.  It’s pretty amazing how far technology has come to change music and its industry.  But no matter what, a great song is a great song.  A great performance can never be captured on a YouTube clip.  The art of real, honest, great music is just that: art.  Now crank up the music and rock your ass off!