ra_newIts 2013.  Holy fuck!  Seriously, where does the time go?  We are starting our 8th year and I can’t believe that I’m alive, still creating and still having fun with the grrls.  Honestly, I thought I would have been done in 3 years with this stuff.  But between you and me, it’s too much fun and we are just getting started.  I’m serious, this is just beginning.  We have so much we want to do it hurts just thinking about it.

In the new year, the biggest thing I want to do is simple – get better in everything we do.  I will not be satisfied with good nor will I accept good.  We need to be great in everything we do.  That’s how I roll.  The grrls, the crew and every one of my friends know this about me.  It’s also what makes me crazy and makes everyone else crazy (thank god they understand and support me).

While I hate resolutions because they’re stupid and set you up for failure, I do believe in hard work, plans and goals.  I also believe in ACTION speaks louder than WORDS.  So, I’m gonna give you a heads up about 2013 and the Juliland Universe.  It’s going to grow, get better, be more fun and more creative than anyone else.  I promise to bring my best always.  Our family is special and we are ALL very lucky.  I’m gonna make sure that everyone including myself does better in everything we do.  I lead this family and I’m beyond grateful for every one of them.  Hold on tight, my friends.  2013 is gonna be fucking brilliant!!!

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