ra_gmpI’m sure you’re wondering why I jumped at the chance to help Produce this documentary on Chris Cuffaro’s Greatest Hits exhibition.  Its a challenge and I love music almost as much as I love my grrls. Why else?  Seriously… Grrls, music and photography all go together and work together.  When I shoot my grrls I always have music playing.  When I sit in my editing room working, I always have music playing.  It’s a huge part of my creativity.

If you look at my videos you will see and hear a lot of big influences.  I love to use Underworld whenever possible.  I’ve tossed in some Madonna, Stereo M.C.’s and Die Antwoord whenever possible.  I listen to music for inspiration and for ideas.  So, a film celebrating the relationship between music and photography seemed like a no-brainer to me!

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