ra_simpleHey grrls!  How goes it?  Having fun?  Just wanted to say hello, drop a little advice on you.  I know you know what you are doing with your life and work, but I wanna talk about style!!  Yes, style.  I’ve been around a while and I’ve seen more than most.  My advice for style is simple… Keep it simple!!!!  I don’t care if its hair, make-up or cloths… Keep it simple.  Here’s a simple list of tips to consider…

  1. DON’T look at porn for your fashion tips!
  2. DO look at real fashion magazines for real style.
  3. Clean & nice nails or sexy!  Simple colors.  NO crazy nails please!
  4. Hair, if you gonna add extensions for body, make sure you keep the length normal.  Really long hair is too much.
  5. Skin care, please take care of you skin always.  Hydrate, facials & scrub clean.
  6. Just cuz you a “porn star” doesn’t mean you have to dress like one when you’re NOT working!  Casual can be sexy if done right.
  7. Lingerie… You do NOT need to spend a ton of money to find something cute and sexy.  A lot of the times the expensive lingerie is way overrated and priced.
  8. Sexy heels… make sure they look good and feel good.  If you are uncomfortable in them, you will look uncomfortable in them.  That rule pretty much goes for everything you wear.  If you feel good, then you will look good.
  9. Stay ahead of the trends and don’t follow them.
  10. Find your style that works for you, but keep in mind simple and classy works ALL the time.  It never goes out of style.