What’s not to love about grrls?  As much as I love creating with them, I just love being with them — and they love being with me (whether they know it or not)! Some grrls can be crazy, some grrls can be fun and some grrls can be drama! But it’s all good. I like them all.

They are so much fun no matter what. I love blondes, brunettes, red heads, tall, short, skinny, sexy, big tits, nice asses and everything else. If they have a heartbeat, I can find something I’ll like about them. Wait, that’s true of most guys, isn’t it?

I can’t say I have a favorite, but if I did it would smart grrls! Smart grrls bring so much to a shoot. They are creative, thoughtful and just a blast! In fact, I’d have to say they’re almost as fun to be around as I am. I feel I do not have to explain as much with them. I have crazy ideas and it helps when they get them on the first try.

In the past I’ve shot lots of beautiful women and I hope to keep shooting more of them.  With the right grrl… I can’t be stopped. So if you are out there and like to have fun… Let me know. I’ll make you famous.