ra_goodtimesYou looking for a good time?  Want to have some fun?  I fucking do!!!  I’ve been a bit quiet these days, but I’m so done with that!  I’m call all grrls and looking to get crazy!  I want my grrls and all grrls now!  NO more waiting around.  2015 has started off well.  First two months… 6 shoots!!!  Super nasty and seriously sexy!  BUT I’m so not done yet.

I’m looking for new ideas, new techniques and new grrls.  I’m looking and working hard to take my shit to the next level.  I want to do all this now!  Im looking for a big March.  Grrls… What do you want to do?  What do you want to shoot that you haven’t shot before?  What makes you wet?  Lets do this in a hotel, in a studio or in my home, but lets just do it.

I’m so ready for some great times.  I bet you didn’t know how much work it takes to have fun?  The kind of work I love.  SO, check back with me in April and lets hope I’m still alive.  Lets hope I get all that I want and more, because if I do… WE all win.