I have been shooting for a long time now and have noticed a lot of wanna-be photographers getting caught up the amount of gear they feel they need to purchase. New cameras, lenses, lighting, computers, the list goes on! But here’s a bit of advice from someone who’s owned every kind of camera and system you can imagine: keep it fucking simple.  Get to know the gear you have, get to know every thing it does for you, and especially, don’t get caught up in the latest and greatest new gizmo.  Trust me – an old Nikon F2 will kick any new camera’s ass any day of the week!

Also when it comes to computer and Photoshop, keep it simple. Tricks are for kids! Just because Photoshop has all these stupid, useless filters and tricks doesn’t mean you have to use them. I remember I had a mentor tell me once that if you take away the tricks, you must ask yourself whether or not it’s still a good photo. If it’s not, then you better start over!  A great photo does NOT need tricks and too many photographers these days feel the need to use them. So please, just back the fuck off the Hipstamatic tricks please.

A simple bit of advice for all you wanna-be photographers who ask me questions all the time: just keep it simple and let the grrl do the work.  Your job is to simply have fun and capture what is in front of you.  If she looks like any of my grrls… then your job is fucking easy!  Boo ya!