I want to vent about the games that I notice people like to play.  I want to discuss how they cause problems and drama.  NO one likes drama, especially me.  This is one of my biggest issues with grrls and people in general.  I understand everyone has an opinion about life, love, and work, and I understand that everyone is out to protect themselves at all cost.  I understand that most people don’t have a clue about much.  But most of all, I understand when you are young you have very little experience to draw from.

So here’s some advice for you all: before you give an opinion, react to something or go crazy, get ALL the facts!!!  Quite frequently, I see and hear my friends go crazy and go off before they know the whole story and they react before the get the facts!  They open their mouths before they know the whole story.  Then after the facts come out and the truth is revealed, they realize they made a mistake.  I always tell everyone to do their homework on everything.  Opinions are OK, but educated opinions are the best!

These games of acting and reacting are tired and don’t do anyone any good.  Most of the time it causes unnecessary drama and stress.  Most of the time, it all ends up being a misunderstanding. So please think before you speak, be nice to everyone, and do your homework.  Does this make sense?  Just curious if you agree or disagree.