0213Born and raised in West Virginia, Melody Jordan is an adult star on the rise.  Although quite brand new to the business, she is already making a name for herself as one of the only actresses with experience as a classically trained ballerina.  In fact, you can usually find her laced up in her satin point shoes on set, ready for all hell to break loose.

Melody claims her porn persona is her “unsheltered Evil Twin,” and after seeing her perform, it’s easy to see why – this ginger beauty lights up once the camera starts rolling.  She tells us that being in front of the camera and having guys jerk off to her antics is by far the best part of being a porn star.

But when she’s not working her butt off (literally), Melody enjoys being romanced and respected by a man with good hygiene and muscles, or even, a sexy lipstick lesbian.  She explains, “Believe it or not, the craziest place I ever fucked involved a woman in Hawaii.  It was lesbian sex outside and under a giant fucking tree.”  With an affinity for both men and women, Melody Jordan appears to have all the qualities necessary to truly rock this industry.