ra_imagesSince I’ve known Chris for 10 years now, I’ve had a chance to know him and his work.  Also I love music and he has shot most of my favorite musicians and bands.  Here’s my favorite 10 images from the 100 Greatest Hits.  I’m so lucky I have 3 of these printed and framed in my home.

  1. INXS – my favorite cuz they were my first concert!
  2. Nirvana – duh!
  3. Pearl Jam – I have this print in my office.
  4. Chris Cornell_desert – wish I was there
  5. Ice-T – so fucking O.G.
  6. Jane’s Addiction – I have this print in my bathroom.
  7. Michael Hutchence_mask – love the look in his eyes.
  8. No Doubt – Gwen looks so damn cute!
  9. Ice Cube – he was in NWA!!
  10. Alice in Chains – I wish I saw them live.

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