ra_sky I wanted to personally welcome the newest addition to the Juliland family, the simply brilliant Reena Sky.  As a long time fan, supporter, and BIG time friend of the Juliland Universe we could NOT be any happier to have her.  While the ideas were there, both Reena and I needed to get on the same page in order to make this happen.  And now that it has, I am beyond thrilled.

Reena is what I call a “big softie.”  She has a big heart, a lot of ambition and more passion than most, which is why I love having her in the family.  As you can see, we are very selective with who joins us, and all of the grrls are pretty special in their own way.  In regards to Reena, she brings that sexual passion and desire to be better always.  She also has that lust for pretty grrls and never says no to playtime.  So, thank you Reena!  Your hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed!  Now, excuse me while I touch the sky.

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