Two words… Aiden Ashley! Two more words…Oh my!

I met Aiden months ago and fell in love instantly! My kind of grrl in every way! Smart because she shows up to the first meeting with Chocolate Chip Cookies. (Tip for future Juliland grrls — please feed the photographer!) Sexy because she just radiates sex! (Seriously, she radiates sex the way Ed Hardy shirts radiate douchiness!) Crazy cause she came over to shoot for 4 days after breaking her face! Fun because she loves to play, just like me!  That’s why I call her Evol Grrl. Those are the themes of her site and blog. For now you will get to follow her along in her crazy life and see how much fun it is.

In the future you will see her involved in future JulilandTV productions and much more. Check her out at the end of 7 Minutes in Heaven w/Lexi Belle. She takes on Lexi and her guest in her own evol way!  Aiden’s one busy grrl so keep coming back and see how evol she can be.