ra_effortIf you know me, then you know EFFORT is everything.  I’ll keep this short and sweet.  I meet all sorts of people in all sorts of walks or life.  Everyone has a dream, a goal, a job and a vision for their life and work.  NO matter what it’s for you gotta try and be your best always.  Never settle for good, always strive for great.

This goes for everything you do in life, not just your work.  Every time I shoot I give my best and in the end we are all very happy.  We love the results.  Then I wake up the next day and know that it could be better.  Its a horrible curse I have, but its also what drives me.  I don’t care if its a shoot, a website, a design or anything… I can always be better.  I give 100% no matter what.  It doesn’t mean I succeed, but at least I know I gave it my best.

I stress to my friends that all that matters to me is that you give your best and all will be good.  Every grrl I work with gets tired of hearing my rants, but I know they appreciate my passion for greatness.  I know someday they will all truly understand and be grateful.  I know that when I finish writing this post I will not be satisfied and will do my best to make it better.  Ugh.