ra_dickNO, this is NOT what you’re thinking about. This is not about pics of me or pics of my dick or pics of your dick. This one is to all the ladies out there. I know you do porn for a living. You fuck for money, for fun and for the attention, but one thing I can’t understand is why you tweet photos of yourself with some guys dick in your mouth. Its ok, but do you ever think that your family is checking you out? Do you ever think about what you are posting and why?

I understand why the companies do it. I understand why the creators do it. I pretty much know why you are doing it, but I wonder if you know why you’re doing it. You do realize these fotos will be there till the end of time. You do know that you’re great grand children will see you with dick in your mouth. My simple advice… Don’t do it. They don’t really make you look all that good anyways. Also someday when you are all grown up and have a real life you will NOT want someone to show it to your kids. Just sayin.

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