1213JULILAND NEWS: Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Serena Blair made her break into the adult industry in February of 2011 by participating in Kink.com’s Kink Live.  Since then, she’s dabbled in hardcore BDSM films as well as the likes of Juliland.com.  Even with the ups and downs of the business, Serena insists, “Porn is still the safest way to have a gangbang.”

With just a couple years of experience, Serena Blair has already cultivated a successful career and persona that many industry newbies wish they could call their own.  Perhaps it’s due to her adaptable sensibilities or uniquely grounded nature, but Serena claims she never needs to act on set.  Rather she tells us, “It comes naturally.  Serena is really just the naked version of me.”

But naked or clothed, Serena shines with her charming wit and bold attitude.  Her turn ons are as simple as one’s self-confidence and ability to utilize their talents (both in and out of the bedroom).  She explains, “I know what I like and what I want.  I love sexy, passionate, assertive people. People like that make me feel sexy.”  Take notes Serena Blair fans!