Dear Fans & Friends,

I wanted to say hello and thank you.  BUT I also wanted to give some simple advice to everyone for the New Year.  Sure, you are tired, hungover and not in the mood to hear what I have to say.  It’s cool.  But I just needed to get a few things off my chest before we start our 9th year.

We have rules in the Juliland Universe that I ask everyone to follow.  They are simple and easy.  The first rule of Juliland is the most important rule: be nice always.  I believe that if you lead with niceness, the rest will follow.  But how does this apply to our fans and friends?  It’s simple – if you are going to write or email a member of our Universe, please be nice!  Everyone here works very hard to create amazing content for YOU.  We are passionate about what we do and try to always have fun in the process.  We want you to have fun as well, but be sure to use your manners and common sense.  Just because our grrls do porn does not mean that deserve rude, creepy and insensitive emails.  If you are nice, you are more likely to get a heartfelt response back!  Also, please be nice to ALL women, not just the ones who fuck on film.

In addition, I urge all you avid porn-watchers to step back and realize that what’s in front of you is an illusion.  You can enjoy it, collect it, have fun with and most of all, pay for it.  BUT the key is to remember that porn is a fantasy that even the most talented porn stars cannot replicate in their own sex lives.  Lighting, hair, makeup, editing and post production enable the industry to make idealistic sexual situations.  The time and energy that go into it, however, is admirable.  And for that reason alone you should pay for it!  If you really do enjoy porn, support the business and pay up!

As stated before, we do this all for fun.  We try not to take things too seriously and whenever possible, we go into things with an open mind and an open heart.  We ask that you do the same.  Be open to view points other than your own, unique filming techniques, different content, etc.  We experiment and create for the sake of fun.  So do as we do and go with the flow!  And perhaps most importantly, do not hesitate to reach out and share your thoughts.  We love to hear from you…we just ask that you approach it respectfully and pleasantly!  Be safe in the New Year and thank you ALWAYS!

Richard Avery

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