ra_changeThe winds of change our blowing.  As you read recently on our blogs, I’m making cutbacks to the Juliland Universe.  Some simple cuts and changes that will help me do my job better.  We’re getting ready for some NEW and exciting projects in 2014.  I had to make some room in my busy schedule and this was the best way possible.  I call it… “two steps back before I take one step forward”.

I’m cutting back on updates to Juliland.com, but cutting back on the price as well.  We are letting Chad do some of the shooting.  He’s busted his ass for 2 years now and he’s ready to go.  I’m bringing in some new writers and new grrls.  We are about to launch a newest podcast show.  You will have to wait for that big news, but I know you will like it.  Last and most important… No matter what I’m still gonna give 100% to everything I do.  That is one thing that will never change!

I’ve always believed that change is a good thing.  From the simple to the big.  I have no problem with change.  Once you realize that you have no choice and change is inevitable.  You just roll with it and do your best.  Thanks!