ra_bobbiMy fellow No-Cal Bobbi is not only a best friend, but unlike everyone else she use to be my next door neighbor.  She lived right next door to me for a year and it was nothing, but fun.  Gave a whole new meaning to the term “Grrl Next Door”.  Like all my best friends we have each others back.  We help, support and love each other unconditionally.  I’m a HUGE fan of best friends and thats why I have SO many!  Too many to count.

Bobbi has been a BIG supporter of me & my vision since the day we met.  We’ve worked hard to make BobbiStarr.com an award winning site and had fun doing it.  I’ve helped her produce & direct her movies for Evil Angel & shot some of her box covers.  Basically helping her where ever I can and when I can.

Now that she has moved onto the next chapter of her life, she is better than ever and I’ve never been more proud.  Bobbi is family to me and watching her grow has been the best thing ever.  She is doing what she loves and doing it better than most… being a mom!  She’s doing an amazing job and loving every bit of it.  She makes me so fucking proud!