jl_101215This is the biggest news ever.  This is hard to say and harder to handle, but after 10 years I am shutting down Juliland.com’s pay site.  Yes its true.  The end is here and I’m OK with it.  Its what you call bitter sweet.  Its not the end of the Juliland Universe, just the end of the pay site.  The last update will be at the end of December.  I will leave it up for 3 more months after that with no updates.  I am keeping the blog alive and actually going to expand on it in the coming months.  The best part is…. From now on everything I do and create will be free from now on.

There’s a few reasons this is happening… First, I’m tired.  I’ve been busting my ass for 10 years now and I’m simply tired.  Second, after working in this documentary I feel I need to expand my horizons and talent to other things.  I have big ideas and I need the time to make them happen.  Third, the internet & world is changing faster everyday.  I can’t keep up and honestly I don’t want to try.  Fourth, I’m taking some serious time off to travel the world and shoot me some sexy ladies!  Last, I’m out of donuts!

Here’s some fun facts… 10 years, 50,000+ photos, 1000+ movies, 100+ webisodes, 400+ podcast episodes, over 150 grrls, close to 100 personal blogs and some of the best contributors ever.  I was lucky enough to work with some of the sexiest grrls in the world and have more fun than you.  I started Juliland for many reasons, but the most important one was to have fun and I did.  It wasn’t easy, but it was a lot of fun.  I wanna thank you… The fans, the members, the supporters and most of the grrls.  Without you none of this would never have happened.  Seriously… Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Smile always.