jl_040115JULILAND NEWS: What is cute, sassy, sexy, smart, tasty and makes you beg for more?  NOT a Cronut stupid!  That would be the delicious Remy LaCroix and I’m so thrilled to announce that she has JOINED the Juliland Universe with her new site RemyMeow.com!  Remy has been in “the biz” for a while and has never done anything like this until now!  I know you Remy fans will love what we have and what we’re planning!  I promise you gonna love RemyMeow.com!

Our goal with ALL the grrls in the Juliland Universe is to work with smart, creative and fun grrls.  We look for grrls that want to do more and be more.  Its now Remy’s turn to show the Universe ALL that she is.  I personally want to thank Remy for giving me her best and trusting me with her vision.  Check out RemyMeow.com and you will not be let down.  You can follow her on Twitter & Instagram.  Let the games begin!