jl_news120114JULILAND NEWS:  Yo baby yo!  Tis the season of giving so I thought I would give you our latest edition to the Juliland Universe… One of my personal favorites & good friend Sovereign Syre.  A long time supporter, Sovereign was a natural addition.  She is sexy, smart and sassy.  Just the way I like my grrls.  Seriously, what’s not to love about Sovereign?  SO, we proudly present iLoveSov.com.

Check it out today, read her post, check out her photos and get to know Sovereign a little more.  Then you will love her like we do.  Sov has been in the biz for a bit, she loves to write and is so smart its fucking sexy!  We even loaded up some of her past writings and images.  This is the place to see all that is Sovereign.  I personally want to thank her and promise her this is just the beginning!  There will be more in 2015!