ra_bangI love to watch TV whenever possible, and more recently, I’ve been watching The Big Bang Theory!  I never watched it when it first came on, but now I have NO choice.  It seems like it’s on every channel all the time.  Seriously, every night I sit down to relax, there it is: The Big Bang Theory.  For fuck sake, give me a break!

Now, at first I did NOT like the show.  But because it’s constantly playing, I’ve grown to like it.  The stories are great for a sitcom, the actors are hilarious, and the producers are making a killing in syndication.  I can only imagine the millions of dollars that come in every week.  If this show is on in every city around the world, they must be rolling in it.

Our very own Samantha Bentley has told us about her crush on Johnny Galecki who plays Leonard.  She thinks he’s a cutie both inside and out.  I don’t see it myself, but what do I know?  Now whenever I watch this show, I think of Samantha.  Thanks, grrl.

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