What is so bad about Samantha?  Well, where do I begin?  Firstly, she is so fucking funny.  This grrl makes me laugh anytime she has anything to say.  Secondly, she is beyond sexy and loves the camera!  She’s nasty, crazy and did I say English?  Just listen to that sexy accent and you will immediately understand why she makes my head spin.

We met over a year ago when she contacted me through twitter.  Eventually, we video chatted and it truly was love at first Skype!  We laughed and it felt like I knew this grrl for years.  She finally came out to Los Angeles to visit me in January of 2012.  We shot, we laughed, we played and then she was my March jGrrl.  She won me over instantly.  We kept in touch since she left and flirted with the idea of Juliland doing her site.  Needless to say, my team loves her and it wasn’t a difficult decision for us.  The only concern was that she lives in London!

But here we are!  We launched her site two months ago and I am so proud of it!  Our work/art is special and we both love making it.  And can you believe we’re just getting started?  A little birdy told me that she’s planning her return now!  But I promise we have some great art in the vault just begging to get out!  She really is so bad in the best possible way…