0813JULILAND NEWS: Take a good look at Sophie Dee and you’ll most likely say, “They sure know how to make them in Wales!”  This UK beauty has been holding reign over the adult industry ever since her start in 2005.  Now almost nine years later and Sophie’s popularity has skyrocketed to new heights with over twelve (yes, twelve) adult award nominations and wins.  Add August jGrrl into the mix and you have a woman with serious credentials and curves.

Her career longevity and unparalleled experience in the adult industry has allowed Sophie Dee to make the best decisions for herself.  Not every porn girl becomes a porn star, nor does every porn star make her mark for almost a decade.  All too aware of the trials and tribulations of the business, Sophie bestows her wealth of knowledge to newbies quite frequently.  She explains, “Always make sure you know you’re making the right choice as there’s really no going back.  I love my job, but it’s definitely not for everyone.”  Rookies, take notes!