JULILAND NEWS: Yo, where’s Audrey?  What can I say that won’t get me in trouble with everyone?  What can I say that won’t piss her off?  What can I say about her that you won’t be able to see or hear first-hand from her brand new site, brought to you by Juliland.com & me?  What can I say that will let you know what this grrl means to me?  Words can’t explain, but I will try.  She asked me for help (begged and pleaded is more like it) to take her online presence to the next level.  And after months of her “asking”, I decided to jump on board and take this challenge on.  And now, I present to you the NEW AudreyBitoni.com.

First, let me state the obvious – she is one special grrl, one great friend, and one sick fuck just like me.  We met 6 years ago and it’s been an amazing ride since day one.  I consider her not just a great friend, but an inspiration and pain in my ass.  When we get together, it’s unlike any other shoot I have ever done or will do.  In fact, we’ve done close to 40 shoots so far and I promise, there will be more.  Believe me, we’re not even close to capturing ALL our sick ideas.

Second, what she brings to any project or shoot can not be matched.  Her make-up skills get better and better by each shoot we do, and her desire and passion to do great work makes it easy for me.  Her wardrobe is extensive and brilliant, and she fills out everything perfectly and makes everything look good.  What makes US work more than anything is OUR desire and passion to be great, not just good.

Last, in the months and years to come, we both want to experience everything we can together, and we want to share our adventures with you.  So hang on tight and say your prayers, it’s gonna be wild and crazy!  It’s gonna be GREAT, that I promise.  Yup yup.

Richard Avery