0414JULILAND NEWS: 24-year-old Alex Chance comes to porn by way of Virginia.  With both feet planted firmly in the “biz” for the past couple years, she’s certainly enjoying every minute of it.  Alex says the best part about being a porn star is, “getting paid to have amazing sex with super-hot people.  Having repeat sex with people I love and break in the newbies.”  She explains further, “I would like to become as successful as I can and monetize my porn career as much as possible.  I also want to have a fun while doing it. You only live once.”  We sure can’t argue with that philosophy!

A good friend to the Juliland Universe for a while now, she was introduced to Richard by Ash Hollywood on a revealing episode of Ashaholics!  Richard literally could not stop starring at her tits, which is impressive when you consider just how many pairs of tits he’s seen over the years!  He wasted no time, quickly asking her to work with him as only he could, “Alex, can you get naked for my camera and show me those nice tits please?”  Richard can be so smooth and classy sometimes, NOT!

Alex is a lover of grrls, boys and all kinds of sex.  Simply put,“I do love that grrls have vaginas and boobs and boys have penises (and hopefully sexy abs).”  She is built for speed & fun like an expensive sports car.  Great lines, nice curves, tight in the corners, feels good inside and out.  Juliland is proud to have Alex Chance as our April 2014 jGrrl.  Vroom!