JULILAND NEWS: Hailing from Seattle, Washington, London Keyes is a natural Asian beauty who has successfully marked her territory in the adult industry since 2007.  She tells us that the best part about being a porn star is the opportunity to meet interesting, amazing people, and “being able to have a flexible lifestyle that allows you to travel and live life.”  But when she’s not jet setting around the world, London enjoys working with Los Angeles based companies like Juliland.com.  She explains, “’Sexy’ to me is confidence, spontaneity, and creativity, and Juliland embodies all those characteristics and more.”

London Keyes tells us that what turns her on the most is kinky, fun, and interesting sex.  “For me, having sex is more care-free, having fun, being young and wild.  I see a difference between sex and fucking.  Fucking is crazy, passionate, insane, and out of your mind insatiable.”  And perhaps most importantly, London makes it very clear that making love is “someone else’s sex life.”  She explains, “I like to keep it interesting, so making love just isn’t for me.”  While making love may not be for London Keyes, we do know she is a fan of anal and Euro-porn, loves kissing with an excellent kisser, and wishes she could have a ménage à trois with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.  “God, I would love to be in that threesome.”