ra_annoyingHey grrl!  Remember me?  If you follow me on twitter you know I have lots of advice.  I’ve been known to rant now and then just about everything.  I wanna give a little advice to some of you grrls.  Its simple… Annoying is not sexy.  What do I mean by this?

First, you don’t have to tweet all day everyday about stupid boring shit.  You don’t have to tweet about who you are fucking or want to fuck.  Second, if you’re a webcam grrl, please no begging for watchers.  Third, don’t post instagram photos all day.  Too much of a good thing gets annoying real fast.  Fourth, no dick pix.  Stop posting and retweeting photos of you with cock, sucking cock and cock in your ass.  Fifth, you don’t have to share everything!  You want to stand out from the crowd, be mysterious, be interesting, be smart and be you.

In conclusion… Less is more.  Just cut back on everything you’re doing please.  Doing too much looks needy and is very annoying.  Please think before you do anything!  Have a plan!  Keep it simple and have fun.