ra_wireYo, what up Omar?  I just finished watching ALL 5 seasons of The Wire for the 100th time.  This series never gets old.  The Wire is by far the best series that HBO ever did.  Better than Game of Thrones, The Sopranos and everything else.  Why?  Many reasons, fool!  The first 10 reasons is OMAR!  What an amazing character and performance by Michael K. Williams.  He should have won awards for it, but alas, he wasn’t recognized.

I read some where that The Wire is President Obama’s favorite show as well and that Omar is his favorite character.  I knew I voted for him for many reasons, but this one is the best.  Watching Omar grow and evolve is amazing.  Also, his words are truly brilliant when he says, “All in the game yo, all in the game…how you expect to run wit the wolves at night when you spend all day sparring wit the puppies?”  Or perhaps my favorite, “A man got to have a code!”  Seriously, the best shit ever.  I never get enough of The Wire.  I’m sure in a few months I’ll watch it all over again and then again…yo.

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