Hello guv’ner, would you like a spot of tea (of course, that is being said with my brilliant english accent)?  According to Samantha Bentley, my accent sucks and annoys the fuck out of her.  Geez, she is so damn serious.  ;-)  I’m just taken the piss out of her and she knows it.

I’m going off on a new special grrl in the Juliland Universe from London, England named Samantha Bentley.  WOW!  She is too fit!  We met over the internet when she confessed her love for me and Juliland.com.  She was a big fan and wanted to play with me and make some great art.  She impressed me from day one.  We Skyped for months and had lots of laughs.  She has the cutest and sexiest little attitude you will ever come across.  Just bloody delicious.

She finally got here a few weeks ago and had some fun!  It was an instant connection, but first I had to stop with the bad accent and lame American jokes.  We did a few shoots and the only thing I can say is this – HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!  Sam is a right fit bird guv’ner!  I can NOT wait for the world too see Sam like never before.  This grrl has everything I love in a woman: attitude, personality,big tits, a tight pussy, and beautiful eyes that will make you do anything she asks!  I can’t say no to Samantha no matter how hard I try.

She is going to be a jGrrl soon and I promise you will love every bit of her.  She brought her best and I brought mine.  We both had fun and the results show that.  For now, here’s a taste of my little English Muffin…