ra_favHere are a few things I love and live for, otherwise known as the things that keep me going.  I can never get enough…

  1. Chocolate Milk – The ambrosia of the Gods!
  2. My Friends – too many to count, I love them ALL.
  3. Creating Art – I live to create and love every bit of it!
  4. Nasty Grrls – you know who you are, lets play.
  5. The Walking Dead – Wow!  Brilliant show.  Right up there with The Wire, LOST & Game of Thrones!
  6. Massages – Rub me the right way baby!
  7. Good Food – I’m Italian and good food is everything to me.  Yummy!
  8. Travel – Always loved to see the world and I want to see more.
  9. Shooting – Shooting pix with my grrls (aka playtime)!
  10. Spring & Summer – love me some sunshine, sand, surf, heat and all that great weather brings.  Surfs up baby!

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