ra_annoyHere are the 10 stupid things that annoy the fuck out of me!!  I bet you feel the same way…

  1. LA Traffic – stupid drivers who drive too slow and do NOT use their fucking turn signals!  Idiots!  Get the fuck out of my way!
  2. Stupid People – Are you one?  Who are they?  People who do NOT think about the big picture of life.  Short sited, small minded and clueless!  Wake the fuck up and be smart.  Be nice, fool.
  3. Immature Grrls – OUCH!  I know you’re young, but please listen and you just might learn something.  You may not know much and that’s OK.  Just listen, take responsibility, be nice and know that this is one chapter of your life.
  4. Sushi – NOT all sushi, just any raw fish of any kind.  Sorry, hate it!
  5. Cold Weather – Bring me sunshine or go away!
  6. Ungrateful Friends – my so-called friends who never say thank you.
  7. Come Downs & Hangovers – Needs NO explanation!
  8. Noise – I live for peace and quiet.  Shhhhhh!!!!
  9. Negative People – if you don’t believe in yourself, stay away from me!  I believe in all my friends and myself.
  10. Bills & Invoices – ugh!  Hate getting them, seeing them and paying them.

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