ra_loveThese 10 things I love and can not live without.  These things I want and need.  These things I can not get enough of.  These things treat me right!  These things are so good it hurts.  These things rock my world.  Please give me these things now and always.

  1. Massages – A two hour massage is the best thing ever!
  2. Kissing – Always want more!!!
  3. Photography – My passion, my art and my life.
  4. Pussy – Can never have enough!
  5. Friends – Love everyone of them with ALL my heart and soul.
  6. Music – I love music.  It makes my world go round and round.
  7. Juliland Universe – My baby!
  8. Chipotle – At least 4-5 times a week!
  9. Triple Chocolate Milkshakes – The ambrosia to the Gods!
  10. My Grrls – Every single one of them!!!