ra_hateHate is NOT a word I like to use.  I do like annoy, dislike and annoying.  No matter what word you use or how you want to say it… Here is 10 things that are fucking annoying.  In NO particular order of course.

  1. Lazy People – people who talk about what they are going to do instead of doing it.  Action speaks louder than words.
  2. LA Traffic – SUCKS balls big time.
  3. Mean People – Be nice always!
  4. Boring & Dull – two things I do NOT do.
  5. Stupid People – too many of them!  They need to get smart or go away.
  6. Porn – I don’t hate all of if, but most of it is boring.  That is just my opinion.
  7. Cold Weather – Give me summer or else!  Cold sucks!
  8. Raw Fish – I love Japanese food, but hate raw fish.
  9. Early Call Times – We should never start working before 11am!  Never!
  10. Losers – All kinds of them.  I hate them ALL and you know who you are.