ra_annoyYou know I love grrls more than you.  They are fun to play with and they taste as good as they look.  Even though I love them, they do things that annoy the fuck out of me.  As a matter of fact they do a lot of things that annoy me.  Here’s 10 things that grrls do that annoy me, but don’t forget there are about a thousand things they do that I love.

  1. Being late – drives me crazy when a grrl can’t show up on time.  There is no excuse.  Plan ahead and show up on time please!
  2. Not believing in yourself – please understand, if you do you best you will get better results.  Believe in yourself and everyone will to.
  3. Not listening – if you don’t listen you don’t learn.
  4. Too caught up with material bullshit – seriously, stop the madness.  No matter how much shit you buy, trust me you don’t need it.  Save your money!
  5. Too obsessed with your looks and not your brains – your looks won’t last, but your brains will.  If you work on you eduction as much as you work on your looks you can rule the world.
  6. Stop dating losers! – Stop dating loser dudes please.  Also please don’t rush into relationship until you know the guy.  Take your time and make him prove to you that he’s not a loser.
  7. Deal with your insecurities – please understand that everyone has them.  I just need you to work smarter and understand them.  The sooner you do the sooner you can control them.
  8. Learn how to talk on the phone – so many grrls these days tell me they don’t like talking on the phone and that texting is the only way they communicate.  Really?  The phone is for more than taking selfies!  Ugh.
  9. Too much Social Media – please back away from the phone and social media once in a while please.  Too much is annoying.  There is more to life than you know and you don’t have to tweet about it!  Give it a rest please.
  10. Get outside please! – This is for you webcam grrls that are on 8 hours a day 7 days a week.  Get a life and go outside for fuck sake.  How do you expect to experience life if you’re inside all the time.  Most of all how will you find Mr. Right or have any kind of healthy relationship if you’re inside all the time.