ra_shootgirlsI’ve been shooting pix of grrls for a long long time.  Like longer than I can remember.  Like a very long time.  I’ve shot lots of beautiful, sexy, nasty grrls in my time.  I’ve fallen in love with over half of them.  I’ve worked with many grrls and believe it or not there are many more grrls I would love to shoot.  Like many more.  Here’s 10 grrls that are on my radar and would give anything to shoot.  If you see your name on this list… Find me ( @dickavery ) and lets talk.

  1. CamWithCarmen (@TheCarmenBella) – One of the sexiest grrls on MFC.com.  We need to shoot sooner than later.  You need some nice photos & I’m the man for the job.  Please!
  2. Asa Akira (@AsaAkira) – OK, we did a quickie for a Bobbi Starr cover once, but I don’t count that.  WE need a real fun day for just you and I.
  3. Ana Foxx (@MissAnaFoxx) – So damn cute it hurts, but the kind of hurt that makes you want more.  And more.  Lets shoot!
  4. Remy LaCroix (@RemyMeow) – Cute, Sexy, Sassy and SO dangerous.  Just the way I like them. #Yummy
  5. Amber Rayne (@Amber_RayneXXX) – I’ve been waiting so long for this grrl.  I know it will happen and when it does it will be wicked fun.
  6. Lomeli Wassmer (@DirtyPillowsMFC) – About as perfect as perfect gets.  Simply beautiful and in my opinion she’s wasting her time webcamming!
  7. Tia Cyrus (@Tia_Cyrus) – Another grrl that I’ve been waiting for.  I could actually call myself a fan of Tia’s.  She seems so sassy and nice.
  8. Madison Ivy (@Madison420Ivy) – Yes you!  Yes, I’ve been looking for you for a long long long time.  Trust me grrl… We can make some great art together!
  9. Abella Anderson (@AbellaXXX) – I’m not sure what she’s doing these days, but I’ve been watching and waiting for Abella for a very long time.  Please Abella… Call me.  Lets do this already.
  10. Breanne Benson (@BreanneBenson) – Met her for a minute once.  It was a really nice minute.  Like the best minute ever, but it was only a minute.  Not sure if she is around, but I still would love to shoot her for more than a minute.