ra_webI spend too much time on the internet and I bet you do to.  There is too much to see and its impossible to see it all.  You might be surprised to know I don’t look at any porn or adult related sites.  I find it all so boring and dull.  Here’s 10 of my favorite sites that I think you might enjoy…

  1. HuffingtonPost.com – for all my news & side boob stories!  One stop shop!
  2. ESPN.com – sports, duh!
  3. DailyBeast.com – more crazy news and stories.
  4. MyFreeCams.com – I love checking in with a few of my favorite WebCam Girls.  I never say anything cuz I’m too shy.
  5. SFGiants.com – gotta keep up on my favorite team!
  6. YouTube.com – can’t get enough!  Love looking at clips of Soul Train line dance and the old Tonight Show.
  7. LAGalaxy.com – gotta know what is going on with my boys!
  8. MacCentral.com – its where I get all my Apple news and info.
  9. WikiPedia.org – I love information and this is the site to get it all.
  10. FunnyOrDie.com – gotta have me some laughs!  LOL