ra_superheroesI grew up on comic books and super heroes.  Not only in the comicbooks, but TV as well.  Now days they’re everywhere.  On TV you have Arrow, Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. and more coming soon.  And of course the movies with Captain America, Batman, Iron Man and many many more!  Here’s my 10 favorites and why…

  1. Batman – cuz he’s dark, moody and has all sorts of cool toys to play with.
  2. Superman – simply super and he’s friends with the great photographer Jimmy Olsen.
  3. Iron Man – again, lots of cool shit!
  4. Captain America – he was my favorite when I was a kid.  Just thought he was cool and I hated Hydra!
  5. The Fantastic Four – yes, there are four, but they are fantastic and you can’t argue with that.  Whats not to love about an invisible grrl?
  6. The Flash – super fast is super cool.  Fast is better than slow… Sometimes.
  7. Hell Boy – he’s from hell, duh!
  8. Thor – you gotta dig a God with a hammer!  I wonder what he could do with a screwdriver?
  9. The Silver Surfer – surfs up, totally rad dude!
  10. The Green Arrow – really like what the CW Network has done with this character & show.

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