ra_drugsI won’t lie.  I love drugs!  ALL kinds of drugs.  I like having a good time when possible and sometimes doing drugs help.  I choose different drugs for different kinds of fun.  I don’t hide this fact or play games, I’m straight up honest about my drug use.  Here’s my 10 favorites.  Lets get the party started…

  1. Triple Chocolate Milkshakes – straight up, the best shit ever!
  2. Vodka – chilled and in a glass.  Shots baby!
  3. Green Tea – cold or hot, I love my green tea!
  4. EPL – love me some English Premiere League Futbol!
  5. Ken Brockton – Sniff sniff snort!
  6. Work – I’m addicted to creating and will never get enough.
  7. Pussy – I have a problem with pussy.  Always have & always will.
  8. Music – all kinds all the time.
  9. Grrls – I love them more than anything.  Especially naked & smart.
  10. Champagne – only with Ken cuz he likes it to.