ra_listIf you know me, you know I have a HUGE weakness for Sweet Treats!!  I love anything and everything sweet!  When it comes to candy bars I’m very serious and enjoy them way too often.  Here’s 10 that make me smile!  Try them all, but NOT at the same time please…

  1. Snickers – every bite is magic!
  2. Mr. Goodbar – love the peanuts and chocolate combination!
  3. PayDay – peanuts, nuff said!
  4. Baby Ruth – never get tired of my baby!
  5. Mounds – hate almonds!
  6. Krackel – crispie and delish! (Nestle’ Crunch is just as good)
  7. Heath – toffee and chocolate… Duh!
  8. 100 Grand – chewy, tasty and just right combination.
  9. Butterfinger – peanut butter heaven!
  10. Reese’s – peanut butter cup, what more do you need?